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Speed Reducer FAQs

Table of Contents

  1. How long is delivery?
  2. What condition are the gearboxes in?
  3. Won't freight costs be to much?
  4. What brands do you carry?
  5. I don't see the model I am looking for?
  6. I am broke down and I need it yesterday?

How long is delivery?

We typically can ship within 3 days of your order. Many of our units are on the shelf -ready to ship the same day. We always try to ship as soon as you need it.

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What condition are the gearboxes in?

We buy units from all over North America. Our buyers look for unused units and units in good condition. Our service department disassembles, inspects and replaces all worn parts. The unit is assembled to manufacturers specifications and painted before shipping.

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Won't freight costs be to much?

Because of the quantities of units we ship, we have contracts set up with several carriers that will save as much as 50% off of typical rates. We have especially favorable rates to Mexico and Florida for shipment to South and Central America.

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What brands do you carry?

We carry over 5,000 speed reducers and almost every brand made. These include: Falk, Dodge, Philadelphia, Reliance. Baldor, Grant, Cleveland, Horsburgh & Scott, Western, Westinghouse, Anchor, Lightnin, Jervis Webb, Graham, David Brown, Hub City, Boston, G.E., Dorris, Link-Belt, Rexnord, Cone-Drive, Foote-Bros, Jones, Winsmith, Grove, Palmer Bee and more.

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I don't see the model I am looking for?

E-mail your request to us. First, our inventory changes daily. Secondly, many brands interchange with each other. We also find many manufacturers change their numbering systems and two different model numbers are the same unit. Finally our large parts inventory give us the capability to modify units to be drop in replacements for your units.

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I am broke down and I need it yesterday?

We specialize in breakdown work. Our unique combination of services, inventory and experience lends itself to emergency service. Because we can handle all phases of repair and service work, we can repair or replace your unit immediately.

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